Private policy


Data protection and access:

The most services of our website don’t require preliminary identification, so you can access them without the revealing of your identity. Some specific part of our website will require your personal information for identification, whereby the user have to accept that our company will store these records for this process.

If you choose not to give personal information, then you assume you will be not able to use some parts of our website.

Your provided data will be handled by the relevant legal provisions.

We declare that we only use your non-personal information which should be demanded by our costumer service for dodging problems, and this data will be also handled by the relevant legal provisions. will only treat and store your personal and provided information until it’s imposed in legal provisions.

The confidentiality of information won’t provide your information for unauthorized 3rd party, except the regulations stated in data privacy act.

Right to Access:

By the law you’ve got legal and technical rights to access and update or to ask to delete your provided personal information. Our website and administrator will always keep in mind to remind you to keep up to date your information. If you want to update or improve your personal information, then you can modify it after login in "PROFILE" menu.

If you submit us a request to delete your personal and other data, we will delete it in accordance with the relevant legal regulations.

Storing of your personal data:

Your provided data will be only handled by the employees of, whose job requires to use them. Our employees will manage these information according to the relevant legal regulations. Our company will use every available online and offline methods to prevent your information from misuse of data.

When you visit our website we won’t record any personal information about you without your permission.